New Guidelines to the Resumption of Sport Protocol in Kenya

Sports CS Amina Mohamed and Sports advisory committee on Monday unveiled guidelines to the resumption of sport protocol -subject to approval- that kicks-off the process of having active sports back in Kenya.

Each Sports Organization eg Kenya Rugby Union shall form a “Safe return-to-training Committee” by federations to oversee the preparedness activities, and shall incorporate medical personnel and a Sports Liaison Officer (appointed by the Principal Secretary of Sports) in their committees.

Rugby is a contact sport (high risk). Federations have seven days to give their take on the guidelines.

Some of the key points include:

  • All organizers and venue operators should appoint COVID-19 contact persons (preferably sports officers) and response teams;
  • Ensure the availability of handwashing facilities, sanitizers and thermometers at the training and competition sites;
  • All venue operators should ensure safe environments, carry out regular cleaning and disinfection of venues, associated fixtures and equipment
  • Officials, the media personnel and all staff working in sports venues during events will all have to take the Covid-19 tests;
  • No press conference will be allowed except for flash interviews for athletes. Such interviews will be conducted respecting the social distancing of 1.5 meters and more;
  • Handshakes, hugs to celebrate achievements during and after events will be prohibited; Exchange and sharing of uniforms will be prohibited;
  • Team event organizers should gather teams in one place prior to and until the end of the championship. The organizers will keep records and contact information of all the athletes and any other person for ease of contact tracing.
  • There will be signage at every entrance and strategic locations to remind all persons of the COVID-19 measures;
  • Body temperature checks shall be conducted to all persons at the time of entry to the venue.Anyone with a body temperature reading above 37.5 will not be allowed into any sporting venue.
  • Changing rooms accessibility is restricted in order to promote social distancing between people;
  • Access to showers in the changing rooms is restricted, provided social distancing guidelines are followed and the area is disinfected after every use
  • All visitors, staff, officials, athlete support personnel and non-active athletes to wear face masks throughout their time at the venue;
  • Keeping a temporary record of clients and visitors for 30 days, in a way that is manageable, and assist the Ministry of Health to trace contacts in case any of the participants turns positive for COVID-19;
  • An adequate supply of PPEs for venue staff undertaking cleaning and disinfection;
  • Venues to be disinfected after completion of each sporting activity;
  • All but active athletes and event officials will be required to wear face masks
  • Athletes, athlete support personnel and officials should refrain from sharing water coolers, drinking stations, water bottles and other drinking devices;
  • Media Centre, Tribunes and Staff - All media staff must wear their facemasks while working

Resumption to training: From 12 days of total inactivity, it is necessary to start all over again to regain physical fitness. It is recommended to resume training in phases:

  • Phase 1: The first period will be dedicated to medical and athletic tests (3 to 4 days).
  • Phase 2: Players could resume training individually for 7 days before training in small groups for a week.
  • Phase 3: Then would come the collective training.
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