Schools Set for Kwale County Supremacy Battle

The Kenya Secondary Schools Sports Association (KSSSA) Term One games are set to take place in Kwale County, with rugby expected to be among the disciplines to be competed for.

Scheduled to begin on February 22, rugby will take place for two days at Shimba Hills Secondary School and will involve five teams battling each other in search of the county's best at schools level.

Among the teams to be involved include the host Shimba Hills, Kaya Tiwi, Kwale High School as well as Waa High School and Mkongani.

In aaddition to helping identify promising players around the county, the tournament will create a suitable buzz for the South Coast Pirates academy which is in line to benefit as a result of good scouting.

It will also provide an ideal platform for the South Coast Pirates players in charge of the different schools as coaches to further develop and improve their own skills while also passing on the knowledge to upcoming players.

The Team

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