SCP Training Camp Report

South Coast Pirates have completed their first training camp in preparation for the upcoming season which kicks off in less than a fortnight.

After beginning their offseason preparations nearly two months ago, the club held its first training camp from Thursday 9th November to Sunday 12th November at the St. Joseph Grounds, Ukunda which brought together over fifty players whom are set to fly the South Coast flag in both the Championship and Nationwide league after South Coast Bucaneers were announced as the newest entrants into the Coast Nationwide league once the season kicks off.

The training camp involved technical work, conditioning among other aspects with creating a bonding environment and consolidating playing plans for both teams being stipulated as key objectives.

During the camp, a game plan for the Pirates and Buccaneers off scrums and kickoffs was implemented before a game of rugby between the two sides with the Buccaneers taking home the plaudits following a better team performance than Pirates on the final day of the camp.

       The images above show our first and second teams training squads respectively.

It was vital that the players be exposed to a conditioning program which focused on strength, speed, endurance and agility training before this week, which has been termed as a transition week where the club will begin its in-season strength/power programme and conduct tests on the players.

Besides the on-field activities, it was a week of many firsts for the club as indicated by the Head Coach Kenny Andola who termed the camp as 'a very good forum for us to know where we are before the season begins.'

There were also life skills sessions which were aimed at providing the players with information to up their decision making as well as contributing to their overall well-being. Ms Keziah, a nutrionist invited to the camp by the club physio took charge of the most popular of the sessions as she discussed a wide range of issues including diet, hydration, drug and substance abuse plus many more.

The next camp held by the club will begin from Thursday with lineouts and mauls, defences, playing plans under pressure and fitness testing on the players being top on the agenda.

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