UR7s-Kenya change mode of operation

Made up of specialists in the form of coaches and players, the UR7s Kenya team is pushing for a makeover in its operations and have planned several reforms to help in the process.

Known for organising rugby clinics in various parts of the country, UR7s have been at the forefront in championing for the growth of rugby in Kenya. Together with seasoned figures such as Kenny Andola, Davis Chenge, Samuel Motari Cyprian Kuto and Kevin Atandi, more than 3000 players were reached in the first month when UR7s started out its operations in the country.

Under Legacy Development Officer Andola, UR7s-Kenya has now embarked on a pilot program seen as a lasting solution. The South Coast Pirates head coach mooted the idea of building regional development centres which under UR7s, will help to further the outfit's goal of rugby development in Kenya.

"The clinics approach isn't the solution to our game's growth. It may work in a context where you have a consistent structure available. But in most cases, we don't. There's need for follow up. It means we have to build capacity for coaches, referees, administrators and many more." explained Andola

"We had to have proof of a working system," he continued. "I used my capacity as SC Pirates coach to set up a system to find talent in Kwale County and also get to nurture it."

It began with training and education for all the players in basic refereeing and coaching. The best were selected to coach in secondary schools and still continue to learn through experience.

"Our role has now increased from coaching to ensure that the coaching standards keep improving. With this, the playing standards will rise. This will become the bare minimum to our commitment to exposing players within and outside the country." informed Davis Chenge.

The lessons have been learnt and the program is ready for implementation in other counties. They will be doing resident camps in April, June, August and November willing stakeholders to ensure this is implemented in different counties.

"It's our goal that with the RSCs we can eventually set up a national rugby academy. This will open up doors for our players to enjoy stable and lasting rugby careers." Andola concluded.

Dates and venues for the regional camps will be confirmed in due time.

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